What is a noise and vibration measurement? Why is it necessary? Noise and vibration are present, to a greater or lesser degree, in all activities and production processes. If these factors are excessive, they can cause damage to people and the environment.

In order for you not to have any problems with noise and vibration, it is essential that you know more about ways to predict and evaluate them. In this article we talk about this important issue for both people’s health and the care of the environment.

What is noise and vibration measurement?

Noise and vibration measurement is a beneficial and useful study in many ways. It is used to determine whether the noise and vibrations generated by certain activities, projects and even businesses are capable of causing discomfort to human beings.

In addition, this kind of study protects the environment, as it does not increase noise pollution.

The measurement is aimed at verifying the environmental regulations in force in Chile, such as Law No. 19,300 on General Bases of the Environment. The procedure is based on what is established in the Guide for the prediction and evaluation of noise and vibration impacts in the SEIA.

What are the effects of excessive noise and vibration?

The measurements to be carried out assess whether the projects that are subjected to them are capable of causing certain effects. The consequences to be predicted are as follows:

  • Risk to people’s health.
  • Negative effects on the quality and quantity of renewable natural resources, including air, water and soil.
  • Significant alteration in customs or living systems of human communities.
  • Location near protected areas, resources or populations.
  • Alteration in the duration of the tourist value or landscaping of an area.
  • Damage to cultural heritage sites, monuments or sites of historical, archeological or anthropological value.

What happens when any of these circumstances or effects occur?

In case the project where the noise and vibration measurement is performed generates one or more of these effects, what should be done? It is necessary for the person who is the owner of this activity to carry out an EIA, that is to say, an Environmental Impact Study.

This document establishes that the project is responsible for the consequences of the noise and vibrations it generates. It also presents the measures that will be used to compensate, mitigate and repair the effects caused by these two factors.

No significant environmental impact of the project

Obviously, there may also be cases in which the measurement shows that a project or activity does not generate significant environmental impact. When this happens, an EIS or Environmental Impact Statement is filed.

This statement demonstrates that the project complies with applicable environmental regulations. Likewise, the non-existence of effects, characteristics or circumstances harmful to the environment is justified.

For its part, the competent Chilean authority is responsible for verifying and certifying that everything stated in the Environmental Impact Statement is true. It also grants the environmental permits established by current regulations.

Where to perform this kind of measurement?

Several places where noise and vibration measurements are important come to mind. One of them are construction sites, the machines used in them generate a lot of noise and vibration, it is relevant to determine how much damage they can cause to the environment.

On the other hand, wind farms, airports and terminals also have the opportunity to use this measurement. Industrial sites must comply with limitations on the noise and vibrations they generate.

Any of these activities and many more can request a vibration and noise measurement. It is through this study that they obtain the environmental permits to carry out their projects. They also determine whether it is necessary to apply measures to reduce their environmental impact or compensate for it.

Why is it important to perform noise and vibration measurement?

This measurement avoids health risks to people in the vicinity of the project and to employees. In addition, claims by local entities for negative effects of noise and vibration are prevented.

The most important thing about this kind of measurement is that you contribute to the care of the environment and its resources. Finally, you comply with regulations and carry out the project in a completely safe manner.

Perform noise and vibration measurements for your project!

Noise pollution is gaining prominence and environmental and project noise, as well as vibrations, are part of the problem. That is why it is so important to measure these factors before starting any activity.

Quality measurement is paramount, especially now that it is time to become aware of the damage being caused to the planet. In Chile you can contact specialists in Acoustic Engineering, among their services are noise and vibration measurements.

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