Environmental Noise Audit by the Super Intendencia del Medio Ambiente? See here how to avoid it.

Facing constant complaints from neighbors about the environmental noise of your company may lead to an inspection by the SMA. This is certainly not a scenario that we want to contemplate, especially when there is the possibility of fines or a cessation of activities. In case of non-compliance, the solution is in your hands.

Initial phase of environmental noise audit

Those who work in sectors associated with construction, infrastructure, manufacturing, commerce, services, entertainment, among others, are subject to the noise emission or environmental noise standard. This means that the ambient acoustics of your company must be within the established limits. If this is not the case, this situation may trigger an inspection process by the SMA (Superintendencia del Medio Ambiente).

In the event that the Superintendency charges you, we recommend that you prepare a Compliance Program as soon as possible. Generally, depending on the violation, you have 10 business days to deliver the document. In essence, it is an action plan with concrete measures to comply with the provisions of the legal noise control.

The recourse to appeal to the Compliance Program may be the result of several actions that have not been effective or that you want to implement. Common scenarios for this to happen are usually as follows:

  • The company has received several complaints from neighbors for noise pollution.
  • You tried to implement solutions to mitigate the effects of environmental noise.
  • The management is determined to solve the acoustic disturbances


In the event that your business intends to use this procedure, you also have the opportunity to argue that you have not broken the law. There are 2 main disclaimers that can be used:

  • It may claim that noise and vibration measurements were made incorrectly under the statute.
  • You have to prove that the permitted noise level does not correspond to the Allocation Zone to which your company belongs.

Efficient acoustic engineering solutions in Puerto Montt

Avoiding environmental noise penalties will depend on you submitting the Compliance Program, getting it approved and the company implementing the actions detailed in the document. Otherwise, you could face a higher fine than the one contemplated at the beginning. But if you want to have an effective plan, there are experts who can advise you on what to do.

Hiring an independent team of specialists puts advanced noise control tools in your hands. You can have accurate analyses to find the sources that affect the environmental acoustics. Noise mapping and vibration measurements according to standards guarantee you the results you are looking for.

If your company is located in the southern part of Chile, it will not be difficult to find professionals in the field of acoustic engineering. Endowed with the necessary expertise backed by extensive experience with this type of violations, the areas of Puerto Montt, Punta Arenas, Coyhaique, Concepción and Osorno can avail themselves of its services dedicated to providing timely solutions.

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