The underwater noise are part of great consequences for marine fauna. And it is caused especially by maritime transit. and construction activities.

Various institutions in Chile have been alert to this situation and have already have shown positive results thanks to the committee they have formed for improving this inconvenience that is generated in the home of these species.

These advances allow standardizing criteria in the evaluation of underwater noise with highly qualified equipment to establish accurate results of the noise levels propagating through the marine environment.

However, all the evaluations that The main problems that have been addressed so far have to do with the physical effects and behavioral alteration in the species that live under the sea.

In this opportunity we will detail what the consequences have been in greater detail. Read on for more information know how to contribute to marine species.

The danger to whales and bivalves through the use of of underwater noise

All the sounds coming from the surface of the sea, bring large consequences to the living beings that live underwater.

Since, the vast majority of fish or whales are guided through thestrong, sound and when confronted with such aggressive noise, they often lose the sense of orientation and suffer from malformations or stress.

On the other hand, it was found that about 66 fishes and 33 mollusks (among whales, seals and dolphins), die from witnessing these sounds on a daily basis. This becomes a great danger for these innocent beings.

As for the bivalves, which are responsible for keeping the interior of the sea purified are also suffering (by small as they may be), of the acts contamination on the surface.

This is really alarming, as it does not only large fish are exposed, but every part of the living beings and all the fauna that surrounds them.

Impacts generated in Chile’s seas

Chile has has been one of the countries involved in the consequences of underwater noise, since the 1980s, some of which have studies evaluated the strong waves that were transmitted under the sea.

And it was until the last few years, when they began to take the necessary restrictions to regulate underwater noise.

However, from that moment until today, an evolution of damage to the marine fauna has occurred. It is worth noting that Chile’s seas are home to around 50 marine mammals, more than 160 seabirds, 6 reptiles and more than 300 species of fish, not counting the reproductions that these species have with each other.

That is why keeping the ocean free of underwater noise is essential for these beings, because one of their vital sources is hearing and if it is destroyed, irreparable damage will be found in each species.

The strong sound waves that pass through the underwater species cause disasters in their fauna, some beings die and others are simply injured. This is due to the disaster that humans carry out on the surface of the sea, without measuring the reactions of the beings that live under the water.

Thus, witnessing such consequences, companies such as System of Environmental Assessment (SEA) took the initiative to assess the underwater noise to protect their habitat and all marine fauna.

Global impacts of underwater noise

The problem of underwater noise is found in different countries, and it is that about 95% of goods coming from abroad are moved by sea. This is the reason why the sea has been so affected in recent years.

Even so, these transfers cannot take any other route, since it is the safest method for the transfer of merchandise, which increases annually due to the demand of the different markets.

In conclusion, there is greater noise intensity in marine cargoes, more pollution and more species deaths. That is why it is suggested to take measures to protect the sea at a global level, as it brings greater benefits to the ocean and the thousands of species that inhabit it.

Some of the recommendations to reduce the noise under the sea are:

  • Use boats with electric motors
  • Carry a medium speed so as not to cause shock waves.

The support that the sea receives at this time will begin to bear fruit very soon, because the mistreatment it receives from human beings, by discarding garbage or marine traffic that causes underwater noise, is really destructible.

Awareness is a feeling that should be born in every marine traveler and educating them about it is an action where we can all contribute.

Conserve the environment and continue to support these initiatives to protect it. A healthy world is a better world.

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