Everything you need to know to meet PREXOR deadlines

The implementation of the PREXOR protocol in Chile since 2011 has a clear objective: to prevent workers from becoming deaf due to occupational noise. This MINSAL regulation is of an epidemiological surveillance nature, with deadlines that companies must comply with. If you have been assessed by the ISP and fall into this category, you have the solution in your hands.

Start with occupational noise assessment

Among the various requirements of the Ministry of Health to prevent hearing loss in the workplace, it is essential to establish the sources and sources that generate noise. For this, you must have appropriate acoustic engineering advice, which should be well versed in national and international standards to comply with the respective regulations.

It could be the case that the source is not identified, which gives way to assess the propagation and finally to the hearing protection of employees. These processes require the implementation of precise and advanced instruments to determine the appropriate solutions. This professional assistance safeguards your operations and occupational health.

If your company is located in Concepción, Coyhaique, Puerto Montt, Osorno or Punta Arenas, you can count on the help of PREXOR experts. Through comprehensive noise control measures and environmental acoustics, you get an accurate diagnosis. This procedure includes infrastructure aspects and does not affect the normal development of its activities.

Rely on certified noise maps

An important measure to fulfill its obligations before MINSAL has to do with the presentation of evidence. Noise maps are color-coded representations to establish problem areas and those that should be protected from disturbance or vibration. This is a detailed outline to understand how to proceed.

It also represents documentation that corroborates whether or not there is harmful exposure to occupational noise. Through the application of state-of-the-art software and state-of-the-art equipment, you obtain a quantitative and qualitative projection. This way you can confirm to the authorities what risks your personnel are currently facing.

Consider professional advice on regulatory issues.

A fundamental part of following the PREXOR steps for compliance has to do with the application of measures that contribute to the well-being of its employees. This way, you understand when to use HPE as a last resort in noise control. Expert advice gives you the tools to develop a management system for occupational noise monitoring.


Your company or business can also rely on professionals with a proven track record in the field of acoustic engineering. This allows the installation of a hearing health surveillance program through audiometries and training courses on occupational noise. In addition, it can follow up on the requirements of regulatory agencies.


PREXOR requires administrative changes and technical assistance in acoustic engineering, fortunately there are acoustic engineering companies such as PROSAC dedicated to facilitate compliance with these regulations. Located in Puerto Montt, here you will find noise control specialists with vast experience ready to assist you in this task.


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